A Thanksgiving Table Of Simplicity and Ease!

We saw some table decorations that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table or around the house. They are simple and inexpensive, but pack a bold look!

Check them out and see what you think -

1-Love the interesting look of this combination! Notice the small gourd with mums in it? Wouldn’t it be dramatic to have those set around the table and not have a centerpiece that takes us precious room?


2-No competing with anything else with this one, yet it is an eye-catcher in all white!!


These 2 simple, yet striking centerpieces are from Martha Stewart. We haven’t checked her out in a long time, so that was kind of fun! You can find them here.

3-You can’t go wrong with such a beautiful and interesting display from nature below -

4-Don’t you love the touch of green with white, nothing more?

5-Keep it just this simple! Use a wood cutting board. There are so many beautiful ones now!

6-Do you love these fresh colors as much as we do? What a fun change from the traditional fall colors! Have some fun with this one!


You can find this diy at Martha Stewart.

7-Love how this is whimsical and simple at the same time! Another doable look!

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Just giving you something to think about as you plan your gathering!

Hope you find simple inspiration!