The Coolest No Sew Pumpkins!!

Who doesn’t love simple? Especially at this time of year! Check out these pumpkins that are classy and bold and just plain cool. Don’t you absolutely love all the creative people in our world?

Is this look right up your alley like it is ours? We love the natural and neutral look! What do you think? And it couldn’t be easier. You just use a toilet paper roll, strips of fabric and something for the stem. That is it. No sewing, just wrapping! We think we can have fun with this one!!


You can find the pictorial for this diy at Sweeter Little Home. Temperance is sharing this great diy with us. She couldn’t have made it simpler! Thanks Temperance!! You can find the step-by-step here.

What a beautiful blend of natural colors! -

Make them a little bigger by using a full roll of toilet paper - or a roll is various stages of use to mix things up!


You can find the step-by-step at Dreams Factory! Thanks for sharing!!

Some beautiful fall images and a free printable -

Spectacular!! -

A world full of these beauties is a good place to be. May we add to the goodness-

Doesn’t this just feel like a good place to be?

The thought of slowing down life to this is breathtaking on many levels -

Wouldn’t it feel great to come back to this-pure simplicity?

Fun with trivia - we have played Thanksgiving trivia games at the table and it was really fun. Everyone enjoyed seeing what they knew about Thanksgiving - that holiday that is kind of squeezed between Halloween and Christmas. See what your dinner guests know about this holiday! We also love having prizes for the winner!


This is from Pretty Parties. The free printable and the answer key can be found there! Have fun!

The art of simplify and shine!!