Making 2019 Powerful!

How did it happen? How is one year going out and another coming in and it seems like we only blinked and there it is - 2019!!

It is exciting to have new beginnings and the start of a new year is a natural new beginning! It is a time when we can pause and realize we can start new beginnings any time we want. It is a good thing to do because we can choose a higher way, a nobler path; one that is more loving, more authentic, more in-line with who we want to choose to be!

We like it and are grateful for it! How about you?

We wanted to gather some thoughts to ponder as 2019 approaches. It’s always good to feed our minds with those things that cause us to question where we are at and where we want to be heading. No comfort zones allowed.

So we went on a search and found some things that may inspire you. We are going to present them to you for the rest of this week to give you bite size things to think about!

May this help make 2019 richer, fuller, and more loving that any other year!

to start with - what philosophy of life will you choose to live with?

1- simple rules to live by -

We love how these rules hit key attitudes about life and how to live with peace and confidence. It seems like a person who is well grounded would live by these rules as a part of their character.


This was found on pinterest. We couldn’t find another link to it.

2- “7 Habits of Highly effective people” by stephen r. Covey

We have read this book multiple times and every time we do, we feel positive energy flowing into us. It is such a powerful read and helps change thinking, feeling, and actions. You can never go wrong reading and rereading these principles!


This is from an image search on Yahoo. You can find it here. You will be led to a blank screen with arrows. Click on the arrow to the right to be led to this image. There are lots of images from this book so just keep clicking those arrows if you’re interested.

3- “how to win friends and influence people” by dale carnegie

Another powerful thinker and author. This is a book that is always on one of the top books to read for life-changing effects. We love this list of 30 principles. Again, just keep reading it over and over again!


This is from i.pinimg. We couldn’t find another source for it, but if you click here it will lead you to this infographic.

We hope you find these motivational and inspiring as you look forward to 2019! No matter what is happening to you or around you, a choice can be made on how you view it. We love how powerfully we can shape our own lives!

To copy any of these infographics, right click on the image, click on copy image and paste it into Word. Print away!

have fun preparing for an amazing 2019!!