Free Printable 2019 Calendars # 2

Time for some more 2019 FREE printable calendars from many generous people who freely share with us!! Make sure you find a way to thank them by leaving a comment or clicking a like button! Showing your grateful heart is always a good thing to do!!

So here’s what we found. They are all printable from their site with nothing to sign-up for!! Isn’t that nice of them? Enjoy all their creativity!! You’ll find the link to the first set of calendars we found at the end of this post.

1- An A-5 size in 2 different designs!! -


The generous person sharing this with us is Hanna Nilsson from Hanna Nilsson Designs. You can find her amazing calendars here.

2- A FREE printable watercolor floral calendar that is inspiring! You won’t be able to wait to turn over to the next month! And really - that will need to happen far too quickly! Don’t you agree?


This beautiful calendar is freely and generous shared by Paper Trail Design and we thank them profusely!! You can find it here.

3- WOW! Paper Trail Design is sharing again. This one is a classic!!


We get to thank Paper Trail Design 2 times! So thank you and thank you. You can find this one here. It prints one month at a time so you can print them all at once or bookmark it and print month-by-month. Nice! And it’s in black and white!

4- This is a combo deal from Brandy at Brandy’s Happy Home. She is sharing a cover page for a planner, a year-at-a-glance calendar, a monthly calendar and a dated weekly planner page that is printable for each month. She really went all out and is generously sharing it all with us.


These are all printable directly from her site. There is a download button under the picture of each. You have go a little past the photo of the weekly planner to find all the links for each month, but it’s there. Just look carefully for it. You can find this bounty here.

5- Want a FREE printable calendar with room to write reminders, comments, or jot down some special moment you want to remember - a little journal of sorts? Love this one!!


This great calendar is from Schwen/Dieter and you can get it here. We noticed that if you subscribe and give them your email address, you will only be sent notification of new freebies. That seems worth considering! Thank you!!

You can find the first set of 2019 FREE printable calendars we collected to share with you here.

It seems impossible that a new year is less than 2 months away!! But it is!! It is exciting to start all the feelings going of where you want to be heading before that new year arrives.

We have the capacity to be and do whatever we want. This is a blessing to realize.

There is always a need in our world for people of strength and conviction. Who believe they can add goodness, kindness, and light.

We hope these calendars not only keep track of all the things you need to do, but they help you keep track of all the things you hope to be and are willing to work very hard to become.

Enjoy your journey!