FREE Printables For A Great 2019!

Time has not been on our side this week, but we want to share these 3 great FREE printables to help you think about how you want to organize your life in the coming new year! Wait-did we really say that? Yes! 2019 is really almost here! Exciting and crazy!! Hopefully, this helps you feel ready for action, dreams, goals, and purpose for 2019!! We found a couple of fun to-do lists and a great weekly planner! WOW!! Love it! Hope you do too!

Check out the FREE printable 2019 calendars we found here and here! Celebrate!!

1- Do you love how colorful this is? It definitely gets your attention which is perfect when you want to get things done!!


This great FREE printable to do list is from Plan with Samia. It’s right here for the taking.

2- Do you love whimsical as much as we do? We just take one look at this and want to fill it up with dreams and purpose and the good old to-do’s that always need doing!


This great FREE printable Jot it down list is from DIY Sweet Home.

3- This is a perfect weekly planner. I love that it has top goals, to-do’s, notes, and schedule all on one classic page!


This is from Les Naly. It isn’t dated so you can add your own preferences. You can find it here. After downloading it from her site - to print it - go to the upper right hand corner of your computer and click on the dots that pull up print. Click on print and it is printable from there.

We hope we are motivating you to love the thought of a new year and new possibilities! We are what we think and believe we are! Let’s believe we are meant to do great things in this beautiful and inspiring world we live in!