2019=Positive Attitude

It is never a mistake to bring positive energy into our world! One person can make a difference and fight against the tearing down and pessimism that can easily happen! The way we choose to look at things - and it is a choice - is life altering for our life and everyone we associate with, whether near or far. Our challenge is - to choose positive energy for our lives!!

We have found some challenges and thoughts that can help us rise up and fight any negative energy. Reverse the trend from negative to positive! Look for the good instead of letting any and every flaw get all the attention like flashing lights that won’t be overlooked. Everyone will benefit - not because we are blind to the flaws - but because we believe in and focus on things that are greater!

See how you feel after reading these thoughts and putting some of them into action -

1- A positive attitude challenge-


We wish we could find the original source for this, but pinterest is the best we can do. You can, however, right click to copy the image above, open Word, and right click to copy it in Word. This is the link to Les Naly.com. Go investigate for more inspiration!

2- An article from medium on “7 ways to develop a positive attitude”-

You can find this article from Medium here. It not only gives you 7 tips to developing a positive attitude, but includes action steps to get you going! We really like that part.

3- take control of your life circumstances -

The quote above goes along with the quote below. It is true that

  • our thoughts create our feelings and

  • our feelings create how we react to whatever happens to us and

  • however we react to what happens to us creates our life!

4- train you mind to create an attitude that empowers you-

In that knowledge, we have the power to create thoughts that bring positive power into our lives instead of a victim mentality. For example, we can have these attitudes -

and sometimes we just need to realize -

5- Be grateful for the growth that challenges bring and -

A positive attitude brings great power into our lives. Sometimes that words “positive attitude” can seem simplistic, but it goes to the core of who we choose to be!

The title of this post is 2019=Positive Attitude because we have great power to do exactly that. As we have had hard, painful, and difficult experiences - because we all have those - we are grateful that we can adopt the attitude of “What can I learn from this?” and “How can it make me a nobler, wiser, more thoughtful person?” “ Someone who can have compassion, empathy, love and a greater capacity to understand and help others?” These are the questions we can ask ourselves that help us rise up to something greater than ourselves and that will bring positive energy into this beautiful world we live in!

6- to help us with this goal, we found this free printable that can be a reminder of who we choose to be-


This was created and shared by NoBiggie. We are grateful to be reminded that we can choose to be someone “sending out life; shining or glowing brightly”! Thank you!! You can find it here.

always remember -

here’s to a happy 2019!