Free Printable 2019 Desktop Calendars

A collection of FREE PRINTABLE 2019 desktop calendars.

We love having a desktop calendar on our computer desk just to see that date it is. We don’t want to write any appointments or notes on it. We just want to be able to glance over and see what date is on which day.

We are sharing the collection we found with you -

We have 2 other blog posts with free printable calendars. They can be found here and here.

1- a watercolor calendar with monthly themes -


This free printable calendar is generously shared by Clean and Scentsible. It is a pdf directly from the site. We love that! Thank you! You can find it here.

2- another beautiful watercolor calendar of animals- ahhh! -


This desktop calendar is from Andrea at The Cottage Market. Love the watercolor animals and her generous, sharing spirit. You can find this calendar here.

3- an ELUSIVE 5x7 size that you must subscribe to but boy, this size is hard to find -

We usually never share calendars with you that require you to sign up for anything or give your email address. But we have a desktop calendar that is 5x7 and we have not been able to find a calendar that size anywhere online. Thankfully, Traci from My Paper Printables created one and is sharing it as a free printable! We subscribed with our email address, confirmed it, and was sent this calendar immediately. It’s already printed and ready to cut and put in our desktop calendar frame. Thanks Traci!! You can find it here.

4- a minimalist 5x7 or 8x10 desktop calendar - no sign-up required -


This is also from The Cottage Market to which we say a double thank you!! You can find it here.

5- a bold minimalist calendar that we love. No missing the month -


This FREE printable calendar is from Vanessa at Little Gold Pixel. You can find it here. It is a full paper size and is directly printable from her site. Thank you Vanessa!!

We’re ready to go for 2019 with our calendars to keep us organized and keep life simplified with a lot of shine. We hope this helps you do the same!!