5 Easy Ideas For Valentine Decor

Ok! Ok! We’re looking ahead. Only we aren’t sure we want to because we want to savor January after the last year flew by so quickly!

But, we want to help make things simple for Valentine’s Day (Yikes! It really was just Christmas) so we are plunging forward for you with 5 of the simplest Valentine decoration ideas possible! You may even have everything you need for them already in your home!

So-here’s goes —

1- No directions needed for these candles -

  • get candles

  • wrap twine around each one

  • buy hearts or cut them out of felt/fabric and glue on

  • Love it!!

2- Got a wreath? Add hearts!! That’s it!! So simple!

  • Cut hearts out of paper

  • Buy hearts at any craft store

  • Just stuff them in!

3- Got any clear vases?

  • Put a glass inside the vase

  • Fill the space between the 2 with anything Valentine's you like

  • Put flowers, branches from your yard that you glue paper/fabric/felt hearts on to, or a candle

  • And you’re done!

This one is from  Martha Stewart  (of course it it). Look how stunning it is!

This one is from Martha Stewart (of course it it). Look how stunning it is!

4- Paint chip garland

  • Get a heart shaped punch

  • Get paint chips from a hardware store

  • Punch away

  • Grab a larger needle and thread on some string

  • Poke that needle in and out of each heart and string them together

  • Easy!!

every single day!!!—

5- Got any clear vases? They don’t even need a lid!

  • Just fill them up with hearts and anything you have around the home to add in! Simple!