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We love helping you create storage space in your garage.  One of the kits we sell from StoreWall is the Garage Stroller and Toy Kit.  Isn't this a great way to organize all the outside toys and strollers?  The great thing is - STOREWALL IS ALWAYS ON SALE THROUGH OUR ONLINE STORE!!

Yep - Our kits are always on sale!! 

And it all ships free!!  


You can find this Garage Stroller and Toy Kit here.

Another kit we sell is the Laundry Room Kit -


It has everything you need for a modern clean look in your laundry room. 

Have you noticed the same trend we've been seeing in home decor? 

Open Shelves are everywhere in today's design.  It has the perfect function of having everything within easy reach.  With baskets and storage containers a clean and attractive look is created and you will love how functional it is!!

you can find the laundry room kit here.

We also have kits for-

  • lawn care
  • golfing supplies
  • basic storage
  • fitness
  • bikes
  • sporting goods
  • cleaning supplies
  • garden
  • running
  • and any custom design to fit your needs
  • ALL ON SALE!!!

You can find all the StoreWall products here.

order what you want and install it yourself

or we can install it for you locally!

Check our sale out and create a place for everything!!!


for a few more storage ideas check these out-

There is always a reason to have gift wrap available at a moments notice!  The idea below uses IKEA's plastic bag holder and keeps those rolls from falling over and getting disorganized.  The best part is the plastic bag holder only costs $1.99!  You can find it here.  We receive no compensation for linking you to it.

Is there a kitchen anywhere that can't use extra storage and counterspace?  Oliver and Rust has an inexpensive and easy way to accomplish that, again with an IKEA product.  They used the Ikea Bekvam kitchen cart, that you can find here for $59.99.  

Another IKEA product to the rescue for you!  We don't know about you but we love having books out where little ones can reach them and learn to love them!  The love of learning is a great thing to start at a young age.  This idea is from Domestic Simplicity and uses ikea spice racks at $3.99 each.  You can find the spice rack here.  This definitely qualifies as an easy project to create storage space for books that will draw children to open the pages!!

There is nothing like having a place for everything making it possible to find what you need when you need it!!  We love helping make that possible for your home and life!!

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happy Week!!!