Keep The Grime In The Garage Plus An Easy Clean For Stainless Steel Sinks!

do you ever wish you could have a sink in your garage?

Wouldn't it be great to get all that greasy grime cleaned up in the garage instead of the kitchen sink?  It seems every time anyone comes inside to scrub off that greasy dirt, they leave a mess all around the kitchen or bathroom sinks?  Do you find that is true also?

We have the perfect cabinets to add that sink to your garage!  

We have any variety of cabinet colors, textures, and designs!  

We would love to help you with the cabinet design for your garage that includes a sink!!


In the picture above, the faucet will be added later but you can see how beautifully a sink works into the design.  Do you love the pop of color in the garage?

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Also, notice our overhead storage shelves in the upper left-hand corner of this photo.  

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the price points are the same. 

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We always want to find useful things for you!  


HERE'S ONE FOR YOUR STAINLESS STEEL SINKS  (Because we're hoping to help add one to your garage)--


This method uses ingredients you have around your home like these -


The entire method for cleaning stainless steel sinks is from The Thrifty Couple.  Do you love cleaning with ingredients you already have on hand?  We love the idea of cleaning chemical free.  To find all the steps for cleaning a stainless steel sink go here. 

this is what we're talking about!!  keep the grime out of your home!

Let us help you with planning that will make your life much simpler (and cleaner)!!