7 Easiest and Quickest Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Ever!!

How is it Easter is this weekend?  Catch-up mode seems to be the name of the game around here!  How about you?  We have collected 7 Easter egg coloring ideas that use things you have around your home!  They are super easy, fun, and the kids will love the celebration preparations they can join in on!!  Hope these help you out!!

1.  Nail polish to the rescue for those colored Easter eggs -

Swirl your most Easter color of nail polish in a bowl of water-

Dip in your cooked eggs and pull them out for a perfect look!

Here are some instructions from Little Inspiration.


  • In a small deep cup or bowl add enough water to cover an egg.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite nail polish color.
  • Dip the egg just enough to cover the egg.
  • Let the eggs dry on a plastic plate. To speed up the process: Freeze the eggs until the nail polish is dry.

2.  Use paint markers to decorate your Easter eggs - 

Who says you need dye to color those eggs?  Buy brown or other colored eggs and use a white paint marker!!  You could actually use any color of paint marker you want - even colored ones on white eggs!  We love the look and it is oh so easy!!  No tutorial needed!

3.  A black Sharpie gets the job done -

Are you serious - a black Sharpie?  This is the coolest, easiest idea ever!!  Who doesn't have a black Sharpie and regular white eggs floating around?  What a great idea for a last minute (or not) idea??  Maybe you have colored Sharpie markers and can create the spring Easter colored eggs instead of black and white.  But the black and white is stunning, don't you agree?

Here are some ideas with those colored Sharpie markers -

5.  white eggs and glitter -


Find the instructions at domestifluff.  She used clear adhesive dots to make the glitter stick to the eggs.  That sounds easy!!  Bet glue would work also if you are in a pinch!

6.  Get out those watercolors and let the kids have some fun -

7.  you'll never guess what you use on this egg - margarine -


Better Homes and Gardens provides all the instructions here.  It only requires water, white vinegar, food coloring, and margarine.  I bet you have that covered!!