Are You A Planner? Got Some Helps For You!

Some people are planners and some are not?  Some have a to-do list for everything and even make up the to-do list after they've done things, just to be able to have the satisfaction of crossing it off the list.  Others could care less about lists and planning!  Where do you fit in?

We found some perfect Planning lists that are easy free printables from the sites we are linking you to.  We also found some blank pages that you can use however you want.  

See what feels comfortable to you and have fun thinking about how you want to go about your day!  It's your day after all and no one else can live it for you!


This is from Abby Lawson.  She provides a link below the image that takes you to a printable pdf.  Get it here


This is from Making Lemonade.  You can get this free printable here.


This is from Get Buttoned up.  You can find it here.


This is from Organized Home.  You can get it here.


This is from Pickle Bums and you can find it here.


Here's another one from Pickle Bums.


Do you like blank pages to use however you want?  Pickle Bums has that for you also!

There are lots of things to think about in a day.  It just might be nice to have a place to collect your thoughts, what you hope to accomplish, what needs to be done, and anything else in between!  We hope this helps make your life shine!!