Summer Helps To Make Life Easier On The Go!

It's almost that time of year!  School will be out soon and the summer plans begin!!  This is the time for preparation for all those outdoor activities like camping, swimming, picnicking, traveling, and fulfilling the plans of adventure you're hoping for!!

We put together some ideas you can do now so everything is at your fingertips when it's time for the fun to begin!!  It's always a great feeling to get things ready ahead of time, put the items in a specific place so you'll know right where they are, then you can go on your adventure without any last minute stress.  We don't know about you, but we hate that last minute stress that happens when you are making sure you have everything and can get out the door.  Ugh!!  These ideas will help you avoid that and just have fun together!!

1 - get your first aid supplies ready for the road in this easy take-along kit!!


You can find the information for this first aid kit here, using a soft sided eyeglass case.

2 - a box of matches always spills and gets lost.  this is the perfect way to have those INDISPENSABLE matches ready for use!  a great emergency supply to always have on hand!!


This idea is self-explanatory from this photo.  It is from Gentlemint

3 - we have always wrapped our knives in a paper towel with a rubber band around them to take on a picnic.  This is such a great idea for transporting knives!!  No more worrying about sharp knives causing harm!!


This helpful idea is from Family Handyman

4 - the ever handy duct tape!!  Is there anything duct tape can't help with?  The roll is big and bulky.  this is a great idea to bring duct tape along - roll it on something you're bringing anyway!


This clever, space saving idea is also from Family Handyman.

5 - it's easy to think you can go on a hike without any preparation.  we thought this was a great reminder of how important it is to think ahead and bring important items for your safety.


It is always best to be over prepared.  This is a great list from Hiking For Her.

6 - this borders a little bit on being brilliant!  Create a lantern with supplies you have with you and shed light where you need it!


What a brilliant idea for a lantern-like light source!!  This is from Frugal Coupon Living.

7 - a way to wash your hands is often overlooked with all the other things you need to bring.  what a great idea for a hand washing station!  you can bring it with you wherever you go!


Who comes up with these ideas that make life so much easier?  Sure glad they do!!  This is from do it and how.

8 - We have to be honest and admit we never thought about the possibility of losing keys in the water!  That would be a DISASTER!  How would you ever find submerged keys?  This is a tip that would save a lot of grief!!


You gotta love this idea because it would be a life-saver for sure!!  I would definitely check it out in water at home first to make sure the cork will really keep the keys floating, even in turbulent water.  Check this idea out at Green Moxie.

here's some free printables to get ready for camping and plan your meals!

These free printable are from Frugal Coupon Living.  To see the post with the free printables and great camping recipes go  here . To go directly to the pdf go  here .

These free printable are from Frugal Coupon Living.  To see the post with the free printables and great camping recipes go here. To go directly to the pdf go here.

add some fun activities with these free printables for camping!


ThoughtCo provides 10 free printables to make your camping fun!  You can find them here.