Time To Think About Encouraging Summer Reading!!

It isn't long before school is out and we want our children to have an amazing summer filled with fun, adventures, and growth.  They can get all those things in books!  Isn't that an incredible fact to realize?  We have collected a few ideas to encourage reading and links to the best books to read for you to consider.  Let the adventure begin. . .

Live with possibilities, always!!                                                                                                                                  via

Live with possibilities, always!!                                                                                                                                 via

An easy pvc bookshelf -


This shows you the materials you need - 

Of course, if you want to use this as a bookcase, you could add more shelves by shortening those lengths, get more connectors and wooden boards, and you're in business.


This project is from ehow and you can find the instructions here.

Do you want to put books within easy reach of your children to encourage their interest in reading?  This is a perfect, easy, and quick solution!!


This project is from Dwelling in Happiness.  The instructions are here.

Be forever growing, surrounded by books!!                           via

Be forever growing, surrounded by books!!                          via

maybe a collapsible playhouse would be the perfect addition for a special reading place -


It looks easy enough to put together!!


This tutorial is from Angry Julie Monday and you can find it here.

If you are interested in some lists of the best books to read for children, here is a google search page for that.

Here is one for teens.

Let the adventure in reading begin -                                   via

Let the adventure in reading begin -                                  via

would you like a free printable to keep track of all the books your children (and you) are reading this summer?

This is one from Thirty Handmade Days.  Click the link below this image on the blog and it will take you to the pdf you can print from your computer!!  Go here to get it!


We hope this gets you thinking about summer reading programs for your children!  Loving to read is a gift we can give them that will change their lives and keep them learning forever!  

happy reading!