Beautiful Ways To Create The Storage Space You Need!

1. Hang a bag or backpack on hooks on your wall!  Have them be the same feel as the decor in your home!  They will fit right in and add to the feeling of usefulness and beauty!

2. Fill the nooks and crannies with baskets that add an organic, natural feel.  That always adds peace and calmness to your home!  Nature has a way of doing that!!

3. Use the open wall space you have.  We usually don't think of doing that with functional things we use all the time.  

Don't you love the way that was done with the pans above the stove and the cutting board hanging on the wall right where you need it most?

4. We think dressers can only be so tall, right?  Look at the creative way they got around that in this picture!  Think about how to use your vertical space to create the storage space you need.  

5. Is your closet space limited?  Just add one wherever it will fit into the room.  They built one at the foot of the bed.  

And, we're just saying - LOVE the black wood plank ceiling!!

6. You may have lots of horizontal real estate just shouting to be used on your countertops!  Cutting boards, utensils - 

. . .canisters for food you regularly use-

. . .a cookbook you use all the time, along with salt and pepper canisters can usefully and beautifully use that priceless real estate!

7. Search for more open spaces around your home and continue to fill those spaces with organic baskets-

8. who says bookcases can't be any shape -


. . .and go anywhere -

source  for 4 photos above

source for 4 photos above

just make life fun and useful at the same time as you find creative and beautiful ways to create storage space!

we have some perfect ideas for your home to create storage space you need -

Overhead storage  in your garage!

Overhead storage in your garage!

Cabinets  for your garage (or anywhere in your home)

Cabinets for your garage (or anywhere in your home)

utility shelves2.png

Utility Shelving for any area of your home

create home storage can help you with all your storage needs!

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what does dr. seuss say?

smile-get to work-and have some fun!!