Just Living And Loving It!!

It is a great blessing to be able to see and acknowledge the goodness that is in everyday living!  It is an easy thing to overlook while running from one activity to another or worrying about what you need to do next.  Often, the most difficult thing is just quieting our minds so we can appreciate the beauty that is just waiting for us to notice!

These quotes and images are a reminder that we must not forget to treasure the gifts that can get lost between the madness!  

restfulness -

simple goodness -

pure delight -

possibilities -

grow toward the light -

counting on it - counting on you - 

wonder and awe -

Do you love having inspiring reminders around your home of how you want to live?

Below is a free printable we think you will love!


This free printable is from Classy Clutter.  We are very grateful for such generous sharing.  You can find the link to the pdf here.

This is our hope for you as you make your journey on this beautiful planet earth!!