2018 Free Printable Planner To Get You Going Before The Year Is Half Over!!

YIKES!!  Did we really say that?  Yes, we did!  April is the only 2 months away from the year being half over!!  So -

let us tell you about this planner -

It has  14 pages, including -

  • a page for contact information
  • "My Vision for 2018" and  "My Goals For The Year" pages
  • A task list page
  • "My Goals For The Month"
  • "Plans Today"
  • "This Month's Plans Of Actions"
  • "Special Dates To Celebrate"

It's not overwhelming!  It doesn't make you feel like you have to have every minute of your life planned and recorded.  It's colorful and fun!  It just might put a skip in your step as you feel like you are gaining control of your days!


This is from Shining Mom!  We are grateful for her generosity in creating this planner and sharing it!  You can find the blog post here, which you will want to go to because you are linked to several planners.  Click on HERE to get this 14 page planner.  Click on the DOWNLOAD button and you can print it from your computer.   

This is our simple post today!!  We just don't like things to be complicated.  We don't love having to look at 50 planners put on one post and this one just seems to fit the needs of about everyone.

joy to you in the month of april!  Happy planning and happy living!