Natural Home Cleaning Recipes With Free Printable Labels

Do you like the idea of natural cleaning supplies instead of the expensive chemical-filled ones you buy from the store?

Natural cleaning ingredients just feels like the family-friendly way of cleaning!  It is appealing!

We also thought it would be fun to share with you the most popular trends for our homes in 2018 according to Lonny!

We can take no credit for what is in this post.  Eleven Magnolia Lane has put it all together for everyone!!  We send a huge appreciation high-five to them!  We are just passing on something we think you will love having!!

  • They have provided free printable labels to put on cleaning bottles.
  • Not only that, but the labels have the ingredients for the cleaning solution right on the label.
  • As soon as you use it up, the mixture is right on the bottle and you can make another batch without hunting for what to mix up again!!
  • The labels even look good (We'll take anything we can get to make cleaning more pleasant!).

What do you think?  Not bad huh?  


This is what the labels look like.  The ingredients are simple.  Grab yourself some essential oils and you probably have the rest of the ingredients at home!!  

The labels are an easy pdf from their site.  They even link you to the perfect size labels to print them on.

Go to 11 Magnolia Lane to get everything you need to make and keep making these natural cleaners.  

Let's all send a huge thank you for Christy and Amy for sharing this with us!!

Just for fun, we thought you might enjoy seeing what Lonny says are the top trends for our homes in 2018!!  That always peaks our interest. . .


Go to Lonny to see if you agree with these popular trends!

we hope this helps you with your cleaning!!

happy natural spring cleaning!!