Solving Gardening Problems The Organic Way!!

We have been going organic in many areas of our life - from the foods we eat, the cleaning supplies we use, and in our gardening.  We have found some natural solutions for those bugs, slugs and snails, fungicides, weed killer, and plants to attract ladybugs!!  We hope you find these helpful in making the change to organic also!!

1.  Oh those nasty pests!!  We sure have had our basil and hosta's attacked this year with bites all over them.  We decided to try this out and it has worked.  The leaves are no longer being eaten up!


This tip is from Balcony Garden Web.  They say mix equal parts of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and water to get rid of pests and their eggs!!  You can see the post with other garden ideas using Hydrogen Peroxide here.

2.  We never love using chemicals in our garden, but the other day we went out and found 50-70 snails in a flower bed that we didn't think had one snail.  We could grab an entire handful of them at once!  WOW!!  We think this idea is worth a try to keep gardens organic and chemical free.  We haven't tried it yet, but when we do we'll let you know.  The only problem is it doesn't kill them so you have to decide if it's the right method for  you!!  You can however, sprinkle baking soda on them to kill them.


Snails and slugs do not like the sharp edges of the eggshells and will not go past them to your plants.  The calcium in the shells are also beneficial fighting off weeds.  You can find all the information at Garden Season.

3.  There it is, that white powdery stuff you don't want to see on your plants!  Fungal disease!  Try cinnamon instead of chemicals to get rid of it!  We haven't tried this yet, but we are keeping it on our radar because organic solutions are always better than chemicals!


Balcony Garden Web says to steep cinnamon in water, put it in a spray bottle and spray that fungicide away!!

4.  Go organic in your weed killer using the ingredients below -


Go to Debt Free Spending to get the instructions for mixing up this weed killer that is safe for children and pets !  Spray away without guilt of what is being done to the environment!!

5.  Attract those magical ladybugs to your yard to fight off the bugs!!


Imperfectly Happy lists many useful plants and herbs that attract ladybugs!  The wonder of ladybugs will fascinate all and help your garden thrive at the same time!!

We live in the most amazing and beautiful world!!  It is nice to know we are contributing to that in our yards!  We hope you have found these organic ideas helpful.  They aren't difficult to implement at all and they are definitely cost-saving!!  Have fun beautifying in an environmentally-friendly way!!