Keeping Goals Simple and Tracked!!

Do you like things simple?  As life gets more and more complicated in some areas, it's nice to simplify in others!  That's why we like this simple goal planning sheet that keeps your 3 most important goals front and center, tracks your progress today and helps you carry over what still needs to be done to tomorrow!!  And it's FREE!!!


It's possible to handle 3 goals at a time, don't you think?  There isn't anything too overwhelming about that!  See what you accomplished today and what you would like to do tomorrow!  Before you go to sleep, remind yourself of what you hope to get done tomorrow while giving yourself a high-five for what you got done today!

This free printable is from Katie from View From The Fridge!  She is generous to share her creation with all of us!  It's a good size post for you to read her thoughts and see how she has set it up in a binder.  She offers 2 sizes - letter size and 5 1/2" by 8"!  Go check it out and leave her a comment thanking her for sharing and helping you achieve your goals!!

You can find her post here.

Well - that's it for today!  Sometimes it is nice to look at something short and sweet!!

REMEMBER!!  There are all sorts of goals for different times in our lives -

and one is as worthy as another, depending on _________________!!  We'll let you fill in that blank!! 

happy day!!!