Create Your Own Backyard Retreat!

Would you love to enjoy your backyard in new ways?  Would you love to step out your door and have a yard that you can't wait to relax in or eat your meals in?  Would you love to create areas where your family and friends can hang out together and enjoy being together - in the beautiful outdoors that is right outside your door?

We some ideas for you that are guaranteed to create that place for you in your own backyard that is one step away every day!!

1. need an outdoor (or indoor) table?  Grab some pallets -


This great idea is from Jamie at Southern Revivals and all the instructions and inspiring photos can be found here.  

2. how about adding An inviting sitting area -


As children get older, they just love to have places to hang out with friends and cousins and chill!  We have been thinking about a place like that in our yard.  What do you think about this chill space also made out of pallets?  We kinda like it!!  This is from Sig and Sven at Wohn-Blogger and you can find more photos and instructions here.

3. would you like to Make a simple outdoor serving tray -


This is about as simple as it gets but a pretty way to serve beverages and food!  Everything you need to know to make this can be found at homedit!  Thanks!!

4. now this is an easy project for outdoor furniture -


Go check this out and see how easy it is to make!!  You can do it!! Promise!!  Sarah from Life on a Virginia Street provides a DIY!  You can find all the instructions here.

5. How about a planter by your kitchen door that is filled with herbs for cooking? -

All you need is gutters, end caps, rope, and L-brackets to hand it from!!  


The photo above has flowers, which is a beautiful choice, but perhaps you would love fresh herbs for all your light summer meals?  The instructions for this are from Home Depot and can be found  at Make It & Love It.  

6. Do you have a place where a bench would be perfect?


Don't you love the clean and modern look of this bench?  It was built with 2x4's and adhesive.  The plans do not include any screws or nails, just adhesive and clamps.  You can find the step-by-step instructions at diy candy!  What a great addition to any home!!

7.  Or perhaps you love this simple idea for a bench you can put together in no time -

All you need are some large bricks and a wide plank (or put a plank together using the method above using 2-4's and adhesive -


This charming idea is from Interior Vintage.  You can find it here.

8.  What about a good old-fashion game of Tic-Tac-Toe that can be made for the outdoors and those lazy summer days -

You can personalize it any way you like!!


This first version is from tatortots and jello and can be found here.


This second version is from Chicken Scratch NY and can be found here.

9.  This looks like a pretty easy hammock stand to make - 

For years and years we had a hammock built in to our deck.  It was the favorite spot of all time to lay and rest or read or just hang out.  We love this idea of a portable hammock stand.  You can move it to sun or shade, whichever your preference may be!  It's a great place for thinking about your dreams with nature surrounding you and the sky above!!



You can find great step-by-step instructions at Here Comes The Sun!!  Happy building and then relaxing!!

10.  We love having items for the outdoors organized and in places that are not only easy to reach, but you know exactly where they are to get out and to put away -

You'll love the StoreWall products we sell online for that reason and they are on sale and shipping is free!!


This is one kit we sell that has plenty of space for storage of any items you want - from picnic supplies, to outdoor toys, to strollers and wagons, or what you want to take for any of your favorite outdoor activities.  You can find it here.

do you love to golf?  We have the perfect kit for that!


You can find this kit here.

Any runners out there?  This kit is for you and like all the others, it's on sale!


This kit can be found here.

Want to go biking?  This kit is exactly what you need to keep everything in one place -


You can see this kit here.

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Enjoy the great outdoors!!  Do you know what we realized?  The longest day of the year was a few days ago!  Yikes!!  That means the days are getting shorter!  That doesn't seem possible!  Enjoy each minute of each day doing the things you love outdoors!!

We hope these ideas inspire you to create "the scenic route" in your own backyard also!!