Let The Summer Fun Begin!!

Day 2 - Keep boredom at bay -

Sometimes it's just nice to have a list handy and ready when you hear those words "I'm bored!  There's nothing to do!"  Or you don't want your kiddos to have any screen time for the day!  We have found a list for you!  It has indoor, outdoor, learning, and travel activities.  

We have also found some activities that look pretty fun and easy to put together ahead of time to get their bodies moving and active!!  


This list is from Natural Beach Living and you can find it here.  At the very end of their post you can click on the download/free printable bar to pull up a pdf.  Go check it out so you have lots of options when you hear those inevitable words this summer!

Want some ideas for lots of fun activities you can put together ahead of time so they are ready at a moments notice?  The link below has a large variety of activities to peak your children and their friends interest on those fun summer days - 


If you want to see all 40 of these fun summer activities go to Paging Fun Mums and let the fun begin!  A special thank you to Louise and Jenni for gathering these ideas in one place for all of us!!

What do you think about this idea - Frisbee tic-tac-toe?  Use tape on a dollar store shower curtain and let the frisbees fly!  


You can find this ideas at A Turtle's Life For Me from Natalie!  Thanks for the idea!!

No Kidding!!  It's so great to have the kids around, especially when we are prepared to let the fun begin!!