Organize Your Life Simply!

Day 1- Clean out the paper clutter!

We thought we would give you simple posts with easy ideas to help organize your life!  One of the things we have been working on over months is clearing out 3 large filing cabinets we have that were chalk-full of papers that we had been ignoring for years.  We threw out papers we hadn't looked at in years!  What a great feeling!

We thought this "Paper Clutter Throw-away" FREE printable might help you decide what to throw out and what to keep -


It is from The Soccer Mom Blog and she makes it easy to print up.  You can find it here.

We're keeping these posts simple so nothing feels overwhelming and we truly want to thank Stacey for sharing this with all of us.

Mixed in with these thoughts are some inspiring photos of homes to make you smile!!

This has lots of room for storage that keeps things out of the way but has easy access.  If you need to grab things quickly as you go out the door, there hooks to do exactly that!!

Put a book on audio and listen while you clean out papers you haven't looked at in years!  It's a good feeling!!

You can't go wrong with well-designed bookcases that line a wall!!  They are functional and attractive, keeping your home orderly and inspiring!!

Who doesn't love a room that offers lots of seating with a perfect balance to the lay-out of the room?  What a wonderful place to gather with family and friends with places to store things that adds to the beauty of the room!  

The outside of our homes deserve the same attention as the inside of our homes!  The exterior makes a statement about our lives!  This home has beautiful order built into the design and lots of interest also!  Don't you love how clutter-free it is?

WOW!! This kitchen has amazing storage areas and an open, expansive feel!  You feel like you can find anything you want when cooking and have an amazing place to hang out and enjoy!  Do you love the open storage shelves along one wall and the cabinetry on the opposite wall?

Master bedrooms are the ultimate place for a relaxing retreat from every day!  You can feel the order and peace in this bedroom!  It invites you to rest and dream for the life you want to build for yourself, your family, and others!

We hope this helps you get the outer order for the inner calm!!

Happy Day!!