Free Printable Children's Bedroom Cleaning List For A Carefree Summer!!

Kids are home for the summer!  Yea!!  Always love this time of year!  

It seems like a good time to remind them they are responsible for keeping their rooms clean, right?  

Wouldn't it be wonderful to do that without having to nag?  Not even parents like nagging.  Let's be honest!!

So - we found a FREE printable to help you do exactly that!!

Amber from Busy Creating Memories has created a FREE printable so that you can totally eliminate that nagging and let them know they are responsible for keeping their rooms picked up and clean!!

Take a look at the great job she did - 


You can find this free printable here.  She kindly makes it easy for you to print this up from your computer with a pdf!  Thanks Amber!!

want some cool kid bedroom ideas?  here you go -

same as above

same as above

Hope this is a big help to you for building great summer memories that do not include nagging!  It just isn't fun to have messy bedrooms and frustration for the summer!  Hopefully, Amber has solved that problem for you!!