Decluttering Resources-

There are many resources to make our lives simpler!  We can feel gratitude for those who provide those resources with great generosity!  We have found a few decluttering resources to motivate you -  free printable workbook, checklists, 30 day challenges, to-do list, and labels. All free - all easy!!  Check them out and see if they will help you simplify your life!

1- a workbook of decluttering tips from Catherine at the blissful mind.

This is a 12 page workbook that is this an easy-to-print pdf directly from her site.  Her blogpost has lots of great room-by-room ideas and inspiration!  Go check it out and leave a comment thanking Catherine for her free printable workbook and ideas!  You can find her generosity here.


2.  A Decluttering Checklist from carrie at making lemonade-

Everyone has heard of the KonMari Method for evaluating what we want to keep and what we want to pass long or throw out.  We haven't read her book because decluttering is a way of life for us, but we hear there are great thoughts in this simplifying process.  Carrie is sharing a free printable list with all of us and you can find it here. She has thoughts on her post and a printable in color or black and white!  Many thanks to Carrie!!


3. 30 days of decluttering from kaylie at life as you live it -

This is a great free printable that gives you a simple daily challenge.  It's another easy pdf that you don't have to sign-up for anything to get it!  Again, leave Kaylie a comment to thank her for her generosity!  You can find it here.


4. Maybe you want to create your own method for decluttering.  Emily from happy organized life has a free printable to make that easier.

This free printable also copies directly from her site.  You must copy and paste it into Word, but that is a very easy process.  You can find her generous offering here.


5. One more 30 day challenge.  this one is from keri lyn at all because she saved. 

It declutters by rooms and categories and is a great guide to get things done.  We are grateful for her efforts to help us declutter!  You can find this free printable here.


6. free printable labels in 3 sizes from Diane at In My Own Style. 

These are great labels she has created and is sharing!  Print them on a full sheet labels and you're in business!  Thanks Diane!!  You can see her blog post and get these free printable here.



That's our round-up of resources (and photos to inspire) for you!  As you can see we share free printables that can be copied directly from their sites, without having to sign-up or go to a secondary site.  We appreciate how easy they make it for us all!  Be sure and let them know you appreciate their generosity by leaving a comment!