Get In A Cleaning Flow

What is your philosophy to keep up with cleaning?

This quote below is one of mine -

I really DO NOT like spending a lot of time on cleaning when I can be doing something else that is a lot more fun and invigorating. 

But, I love a clean and organized home because I love my home to inspire me, my family, and those who enter.  To avoid having to spend hours cleaning up stuff, I love the principle above.

Before I leave any room, I look around and see what can be put away where I am going OR what can be put away quickly in the room I'm leaving!  

Maybe I don't clean up the entire room, but, believe me, I give myself a "high five" for any little thing I pick up and put away because that is one less thing to do later and it does make a difference!

take some time and think about your cleaning philosophy and see if you can simplify your life and avoid having to spend hours cleaning a room that could have been managed in small ways!!


I am also a big believer in the philosophy below!  How about you?

And also - keeping like things together!

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It is called StoreWall and it accomplishes the philosophy in the quote above -

Below are some examples -


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Would you like a FREE printable to keep yourself on track while cleaning your home?  This "Cleaning Flow Chart is from Melissa at The Happier Homemaker!  She has provided a terrific chart to keep us all in the cleaning flow!


You can find the chart here.  Melissa makes it as easy as possible to lead you to the pdf.  

remember -


cocokelley as above

cocokelley as above

oh, to create a home that inspires!!  Have fun!!