Kitchen Simplicity

What do you love in a kitchen?  Do you love simplicity, with countertops that are clear except for things you use daily?  Do you love to collect memorabilia and place it lovingly around your home, including your kitchen?  Perhaps you can do both in your kitchen -

The photos below show how you can have a beautiful, functional and organized kitchen that can contain one or both of those philosophies.  We hope you enjoy the gallery!

1.  In this kitchen you'll notice that there is function and memorabilia.  The ceramics that line the top shelf feel like memorabilia but also add simplicity because they are the same color and shape.  They add a feeling of history to the kitchen.  Everything that is within reach are items that are used daily.  This is a perfect blend of simplicity with history.  

2.  Food Network calls this "Fantasy Kitchen 2018"!  What do you thinK?  It feels like it has a lot of history even though it is a new build.  It has simplicity because everything the countertops are "decorated" with items needed in the daily preparation of meals.  Click on the link below this photo to see 22 photos of this beautiful, functional kitchen!

3.  The combination of all white and natural wood ascents is the perfect combination in this kitchen.  You can feel the "history", and the clean lines and clutter-free countertops add to the simplicity.  

4.  Is this kitchen a beauty or what?  It is functional with necessities within instant reach, useful items are on the countertops, and trays are used to put random items together for a pulled together and functional appeal.  The design adds the same interest that history adds.  It is an extremely welcoming kitchen, ready for a lot of cooking and family gatherings!

5. As soon as you see how open this kitchen is, you fall in love with it!  It has room for lots of things, but they have kept it to a minimum so it feels like any type of cooking or family gathering can happen here.  Love the function!  Love the pops of color!  Love the interest in design! Most of all, love the memories that will be collected here!  Don't you agree that the lack of clutter adds to the appeal of this kitchen?

We can have a kitchen that meets every need we have for preparing and cooking meals. It can also add beauty to our home as we thoughtfully put useful items on the countertops and add our memorabilia and history as these photos show.  That is how we make our house our home, the place we live and love and share our lives together!  

Would you like a free printable that is functional but also adds that memorabilia interest to your kitchen?  We have Georgia from More Like Home to thank for this beauty!  You can frame it or put it on a bulletin board or just put it in the front of your cookbook.  Either way, it sure is handy!  You can find it here.


We hope you have fun re-evaluating the space you call your kitchen.  You can make it welcoming, functional, inspiring - the ultimate place for cooking creativity, family gathering, and the atmosphere you want for bringing together family and friends!