Last Minute 4th of July Ideas That Take No Time!!

Because we are last minute in helping you with 4th of July ideas, these are very easy and quick ideas!  Perhaps you are like us, when there are times you decide at the last minute that you want to do a little more than what you planned to make a holiday special!  These are for those last minutes of needed inspiration!

1- What could be easier and simpler than this tray of food that represents our American flag?  We love this idea because it looks festive for the 4th and is delicious and healthy also!  Seems like a win-win to us!!


This simple and clever idea is from Passion For Savings and you can find it here.

2- how do you like this idea?  Buy some ice cream sandwiches and dip the ice cream edges in red, white, and blue sprinkles! 

You could even cut the sandwiches in half or quarters before dipping in sprinkles so everyone can get a small taste all the treats!


This brilliant idea is from freutcake and you can find this idea with others here.

3- how about an easy activity for the kids (any grown-ups want to join in)? 

Find flat rocks around your yard - get out your acrylic paints and brushes - maybe buy a can of clear coat to seal their creations - and let them create to celebrate this special day!


This idea is from Thrifty Nifty Things and you can see it here.  Have you seen the trend of putting painted rocks around your town or neighborhood so others can find them?  You'll walk by a planter along a city street and a painted rock will be tucked in as a treasure for someone to find, or at the base of a lamp post, or in the grass.  It's a nice way to spread a little kindness!  Give it a try wherever you go!

4- Get some plastic pony beads in red, white, and blue and let everyone make patriot bracelets!


This idea is from Playdough to Plato and you can find thoughts and the supplies needed for this activity here.

5- These are so simple to make and a treat for all to eat! 

All you need are the pretzels, hershey kisses in the right color, and red and blue M&M"S as you can see.  Pop them in the over to melt and your patriot treat is ready!

Or you could use Rolo's with the delicious caramel inside and add white M&M's to the red and blue!


A Thrifty Mom shares this idea and you can find the instructions and inspiration here.

6- Who doesn't like Red Vines and wouldn't love to grab this little bundle of a treat?

Just cut strips of scrapbook paper to put your bundles together!


Room to Inspire came up with this fun idea.  You can see the blog post here.

7- It might be fun to have a coloring station! 

These are free printables in black and white that are perfect for another activity!


Better Homes & Garden provides these FREE printables.  You can find them here.

8- What could be easier than a FREE printable banner to celebrate the miracle of our nation?


This is also from Better Homes & Garden.  It is here along with a whole slideshow of ideas.  

We wish you the happiest 4th of July celebration!