Project Planning Free Printable For Your Outdoor Summer Projects!

Have you noticed the days are already getting shorter?  We know the longest day of the year is June 21 and the days get shorter and shorter from then on, but it just hasn't clicked mentally!  It feels like summer should just last endlessly!  That is not possible!

That made us look around our home outside and take an inventory of what we want to get done before the daylight hours dwindle along with the amount of time we have to get those projects done!  Yikes!  We can hardly believe we are bringing this up.

We went on a search for a project planning free printable and found a simple and direct one we like.  Would you like to get your "ducks in a row" and accomplish your outdoor projects now?  We thought we would share this from Cora and Rose at Paper & Landscapes.  We are grateful they are sharing this with all of us!


You can find the free printable of this project planning page here and we hope this helps you get organized, simplifies your life as you get projects done, and life shines!  

Hope you find this as useful as we do!

Happy Week!!