Habits That Keep Things Decluttered!!

What do you think of the minimalist lifestyle?

Do you love a home that only has the essentials and clutter is eliminated?

We have some photos to spark your interest and see what you think -


Do you like how blank the walls are?

Does the wood on the ceilings and the black paned windows add enough interest for you?

What do you think about living with this philosophy?

The photos above are from Calvin Klein's Miami home that sold in 2017..  Veranda magazine says that he is known for his "understated elegance".  What do you think of that description for this home?  You can see all the photos for this home here at Veranda. 

We found an infographic you might find interesting if you want to think about living like this-

live with less1.jpg

We found this at Lauren Jade Lately.  You can find it here along with a 10 step guide for decluttering you home that you must sign up with your email to receive.

What do you think of a process like this for your life?

Does it appeal to you? 

We found 2 FREE printables from Ashley at Joyfully Growing that helps you begin the process-


She makes it instantaneous to copy her pdf and you don't have to sign up!  You can find them here.

More photos-


Do you notice how interest is added in the details?  The rooms would be very plain without those!

The above 2 photos are from homesthetics.  You can find all the photos here.

If you love this kind of a look for your home, we found a simple DIY for a magazine stand -


This is from homeisd and you can find it here.  Photos explain the simple steps to build it.

There are simple things we love doing to help avoid clutter in our home -

  • Go through mail on a daily basis and throw out or put away every piece before the day is over.  We always do this as soon as we bring the mail into our home, but if there is something else that needs instant attention just make sure it's done before going to bed. 
  • Do NOT let dishes accumulate in the sink!  YIKES!!  That becomes an unwelcome chore far too quickly and easily!  Have it be a cardinal rule that there are never dishes left in your sink!
  • Keep ALL horizontal surfaces cleaned off of any clutter!  Before you leave a room, make sure those things are put away.  That includes countertops, dressers, shelves, you name it!  This will be a habit you will grow to become thankful for.  It gives a clean and clutter-free feel to any room.
  • The tried-but-true "have a place for everything and put it in its place!!"  If you don't have a place for something, you probably don't need it or there's something else you don't need where it needs to go!  This is the perfect way to declutter as you go!
  • Fold each load of laundry when you take it out of the dryer!  Who in the world wants to fold a zillion loads of laundry in a pile?  Not us!!  It is super easy to fold one load at a time, even if you don't have time to put it away immediately.  It is much easier to put away when it is already folded and in piles according to what room it goes into!  Another habit you will be grateful for!

Those are just a few of the habits we believe will help keep the clutter from your life!!  There is something peaceful about having that clutter gone!  It changes the feeling in your home!  Who doesn't want a peaceful feeling at home?

Remember - peace comes with something simple we can all choose to live with -

We hope we've given you something to think about -

The purpose of our business is to help your life be organized and peaceful!

We love doing that!

If we can help at all go to Create Home Storage!

Happy Week!!