Define Success!

We found an infographic that pretty much says it all!!  

Success is up to each one of us!

What do you think?  Do you choose to have what it takes?

Does it come down to this? -

How would you define success?  

  • Would it be about your life alone?  Your goals?  Your expectations?  How much money you make to get what you want?
  • Would it be about how your life affects others?  Is success measured by how you improve, inspire and better the lives of others?
  • Is success measured by possessions, or the car you drive, or the home you live in?
  • Does success mean fame?
  • Do you define success as being a kind, loving, and giving person?
  • For sure success is coming through a trial or hardship, learning powerful life lessons from it and choosing to become a deeper, richer, compassionate and more noble person in the process!

As you know, success is measured differently by each of us!  We each decide what success is for ourselves! put together 15 quotes from some of histories greatest souls!

We thought we would share some of them with you, and we've thrown in a few photos to give you other things to measure success by - 


You can find all 15 of these quotes here.  We want to thank for putting visual images with each quote.  Those inspire also!  

Would you like some FREE printable Goal Setting sheets from very generous people?


This is a free printable from Abby Lawson at Just A Girl and Her Blog.  She is the best for sharing this as a free pdf, directly from her site, requiring nothing from you!  You can find it here.


This goal free printable is from Ania Cakes, who is also sharing so generously!  You can find it here.


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You often hear people say that at the end of life it isn't what they have accumulated or the hours they spent at work that matter the most to them.  It is a wish that they had spent more time with those they love!  That certainly gives all of us something to think about when we define success.

Enjoy your journey of discovery as you think about what makes life rich and rewarding!