Enjoy Those Flowers Before They're Gone!

Did we really just write that?  Is it really heading toward the fall season rapidly?

Yes, it is and there cannot be one person who thinks that possible!!

So -- bring those flowers inside your home and put them in vases that you made out of empty glass jars you save from beverages, condiments, or whatever!

This DIY if from The Glitzy Pear!  

All you need is -

  • empty glass jars
  • Goo Gone
  • spray paint of your choice
  • Sharpie marker

To learn the in's and out's of spray painting glass jars and get the step-by-step instructions to make these inexpensive set of vases go to The Glitzy Pear blog right here.

You seriously just draw the lines and designs on with a Sharpie marker, using any guide (like a mailer or anything thick and bendable you can trace along) to wrap around the bottle to draw those lines and the straight ones also.

Have fun making your life a little bit more beautiful as you enjoy those blooms from your yard indoors and outdoors!