Free Printable 2019 Calendars!!

Since it is September, we decided this was a great time to begin to share 2019 calendars!  Now we are not wishing the rest of this year away, hoping it will go quickly, but a jump-start on thinking ahead never hurt anyone - as long as you enjoy each moment of today, right?

We have found five calendars for you that are printable from each site.  It takes a lot of searching to find ones that do not require your email or having to sign-up to follow their blog (although that would probably be a good idea), or require you to go to a secondary site to be able to print - but we found some!  We are saving you the time searching -

Here they are!  There will be a follow-up post with more calendars as we get closer to 2019.  Just bookmark this blog post and you will not lose these beauties if you aren't quite ready to print -

FREE printable 2019 Calendars #2 are here.



This is from Calendar 2019.  You click on the image and it pulls up a full size of it in a window.  You copy the image and paste into Word and it is ready to print.  You can find it here.  There is one for each month!  We want to give a high five for the sharing from Calendar 2019!



At Calendar 2019 you can also find this watercolor calendar.  You copy it with the same process as above.  You can find this on here



Megan from Short Stop Designs is very generous in sharing these 12 monthly calendars with us.  All free!  All printable from her site with no requirements!  Be sure and thank her.  You can find these beauties here.



These calendars come in full page and half page sizes.  They are from Scattered Squirrel and you can find them here.  Just click on the image of the one you want on her website and it will pull up the full year of that style.  Thank you Alli @ Scattered Squirrel for sharing!!



Sometimes you want to see the entire year at-a-glance.  Calendar 2019 has even created that for us, with lots of different designs.  You can find them here.  Again, you have to right click on the image and "copy image" then open Work and left click to paste the image into Word, but it works great!

Here are some of the other designs she offers - There are a total of 13 full year calendar designs.  WOW!!


We hope you enjoy the first 5 (+) FREE printable calendars we have to share with you!  We continue to be grateful to those who learn the skills to create and then generously share!  Be sure to leave them a comment thanking them!

We don't know about you, but we feel overwhelmed when 100 things are shared and it is complicated to try and figure out how to link to them.  We can usually find something we love after just a few and never want to look through 100, or have trouble figuring out how to get to them.

So, we hope this simplifies your life because we've taken care of all that for you and you find something you love here.  As we said, bookmark this blog post and we'll be sharing some more with you.  You can have them all at your fingertips!!

Don't forget to schedule home organization on your calendar!!  Check out how we can help you at create home storage!!

Love this thought below - and calendars just might help us do it- - 

We hope you have a week of change and possibilities!