Fall Lawn Care

What do you think of the days getting shorter?  It doesn't seem possible that the seasons are about to change!  That means thinking about Fall lawn care.  We have found some suggestions to keep your lawn thriving through the fall and winter so it bounces back in the spring!!

1- This first infographic is from Kevin of Epic Gardening!!  Thanks Kevin!  As you can see he shares a pretty nifty infographic to help us see what we need to do for a beautiful lawn all year round. We are highlighting the Autumn part for obvious reasons, but you can find more detailed year round tips at his site listed below - 


Find all Kevin's great tips here

2- Are you interested in having a lush lawn without using chemicals?  That is always an appealing alternative!  The less chemicals in the environment, the better, don't you think?

So this article intrigued me and it gives great advice for things to do in the fall-


These great ideas are from Hometalk and you can find the full article here.  We think you'll love the suggestions for a chemical free lawn.  What a good thing for children, pets, and all of us!!

3- Have you heard of overseeding your lawn?  This is a new one for us, but what a great idea to remedy those bare spots in you lawn in the fall.  


The instructions for planting grass seeds are from Bob Vila and you can find them here. With overseeding, you just hit the areas of your lawn with bare spots or have had lots of traffic and show it.  

Bob's 3 essential fall lawn tasks can be found here.

4- We found this very good information to know also -

"Which Grass is Best for Your Area" -

It gives the best varieties of grass for your local climate and soil conditions -


Find all the info here from This Old House!

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Enjoy the beautiful outdoors as you get your lawn ready to survive and thrive through the winter!