5 Valentine Crafts That Become Decor!

We searched for the easiest Valentine crafts that will also add a simplistic touch of the holiday to your home after you have had fun making them! These would be fun group crafts also. Just put on a movie and have some creative fun!

1- Make a heart ornament out of paper cut into heart shapes. This is very simple and there are many places they can be hung around your home!

  • You only need 5 paper heart cut-outs of 2-sided paper.

  • A stapler to connect the hearts together.

  • String for hanging and you just tape that on.

  • Voila!!


This is from YouTube. It shows how to make this with 2-sided and 1-sided paper. The step-by-step instructions are here.

2- a yarn wrapped heart -

  • You need cardboard cut into a heart shape.

  • Yarn or string of your choice.

  • A dab of glue to attach the end when done wrapping.

  • Easy!!


This idea is from Crafty Morning. Very simple instructions included!

3- 3d hearts attached to a wall or a canvas you hang on the wall-

  • All you need is foam sheets, cardstock, or construction paper.

  • A large white canvas (for painting, available at any craft store or Walmart, etc.), if you prefer not to attach the hearts to you wall.

  • Double-sided adhesive tape, foam, or wall putty.


What a fun and unexpected touch to add to any area! We are loving this idea! No suggestions for how to attach them to the wall, but sticky double sided foam or double sided sticky tape seems like it would work. Scotch makes a removal wall putty also. Just test a spot on your wall to make sure it doesn’t take off the paint. You can find this project at atarteymanualidadesdesivy.

4- a ribbon and TULLE wreath -

  • For this project you need a heart-shaped wire wreath - or make one out of a wire hanger for a thinner wreath.

  • A variety of ribbon and tulle cut to desired lengths - and just tie them on the wire heart shape.

  • No special skills required!


This is from Trendy Tree. They explain exactly how to make this! Very easy cause all you do is cut ribbon and tulle and tie them on a metal heart frame. Here it is.

5- hearts in different mediums on painters canvas -

  • You need your choice of painters canvases - in either size or number.

  • Whatever materials you want to make your heart shapes out of.

  • Whatever glues you find it necessary to use for each medium.

  • For quite a Valentine decor statement!


This clever idea is from Design Improvised and you are shown how each one is made here.

may you be surrounded by love

and surround others with love also!