12 Free Printable To Do Lists

We thought we would find some great FREE printable to do lists. These all print directly from their sites. We found some black and white ones for convenience.

One of the things we like to do is print separate to do lists and paperclip it in a planner on the week we want to accomplish those things. That makes it possible to move it to the next week if everything isn’t accomplished and throw it away when everything is checked off.

Hope you find this collection useful!


The above free printable weekly planning/to do list is from the Creativity Exchange.


This is from google docs and you can find it as a pdf here.


This to do list is from World Label. You can find a lot of free printables like this here or the pdf for this to do list here. We highly recommend going to the first link so you can see all they have to offer. Each free printable goes directly to a pdf to print.


This is from In Honor of Design. It prints 2 per page. You can find it here.


Are you in the mood for something simple and completely yours to label? This is from Alaina Ann and can be found here, available in 4 colors.


This is from DIY Home Sweet Home. YOu can find it here.


This to do list is from pearodie and you can find the post here. The link to for this is after the 2017 calendar.


Both of these are from PB and J Studio. You can find them both at their site. They come in A5 (5.8 x 8.3in) and A6 (4.1 x 5.8 in) sizes. Go here to get them.


The above FREE printable is from Landeelu who is generously sharing with us all. You can find it here.


This is from Paper Printout. It has 4 lists per page also. You can find it here with an easy link to the free pdf to print.


This free printable is from grafficalmuse. As always, we thank them!

We purposely found sites that don’t make you go from link to link to get the pdf.

helping you make 2019 happen!!