Free Printables For Valentine’s Day!

One of the things we love to do the most is make holidays simpler for you, but they still have that shine. We have found some goodies to accomplish that for you!!

1- Valentine cards with envelopes!

These FREE printables are the sweetest personal touch to give someone for Valentines Day.

Who doesn't love to receive a personal note from another person? You can be the one who adds such a special touch of kindness to their lives!

She provides the the FREE printable cards with envelopes, so it includes everything you need!

These can be found at Clementine Creative, created by Carmia who is generously sharing them with us. You can find them here.

2- The ever popular bingo -

Just get out some cardstock paper and print out this FREE printable fun game of Bingo! A game anyone can play and have fun eating the candy playing pieces and hoping to win at the same time!


This is from Chrissy at Tee Pee Girl. She graciously shares 6 different Bingo cards and the calling cards! The link to a zip or pdf file is at the end of the post! Thanks Chrissy! You can find this here.

3- Another goodie from TeePee Girl - a Valentine game of matching!

  • Have you ever played the game “Spot It”?

  • Each player starts out with the same number of cards.

  • A card is played as each player puts a card in the middle.

  • Whoever spots the match wins the cards.

  • The player with the most cards after all the cards have been played, wins!


Here we go again thanking Chrissy at Teepee Girl. You can find this free printable game, including the game box to print, here. Again, the link to the download to a zip or pdf file is at the end of the post. Have fun!

4- Tic Tac Toe Valentine treat to give -

This free printable comes with -

  • the tic tac toe card

  • an envelope

  • a sticker to seal it all with

  • All you need to add is a snack size bag of M&M’s, Skittles, or other treat of your choice!


This great free printable Valentine treat is from Kim at Inspiration Made Simple. You can get this fun Valentine printable here. Again, scroll down to the bottom of the post to find the link for printing. There’s one for the playing cards and envelopes and another for the sticker with copying instructions.

5- We can all use S’more Valentine Cards like this -

Who doesn’t love getting some delicious and creative like the Valentine below? This is easy to put together with this free printable label -

  • get treat bags

  • mini-size chocolate bar

  • heart shaped marshmallows

  • after filling the bag, staple that label on

  • DONE!!!


This is from Esther at Coupon Cutting Mom and you can find this instant to print label here.

Hope this helps you simplify Valentine’s Day. Day # 1 of free printables is here. They are some great planning pages!