What Does Order Feel Like To You?

Is there a universal meaning to order or do you think it means different things to different people?

Is order more vital to some than to others?

Where do you fall in that range?

What does order feel like to you?

1- is it put in boxes and labeled?

For free printable labels go here and here.

2- Is there a place for everything and everything is in it place?

For help with this go here.

3- do you create easy access for the items you use the most?

For more thoughts and ideas on this go here.

4- is coordination a vital part to bring a feeling of peace?

For more inspiration go here.

5- is simplicity a necessary part of order for you?

For inspiration on simplicity go here, here and here.

6- does order create an inviting atmosphere where everyone wants to gather?

For more backyard inspiration go here.

7- is your feeling of order random but makes sense to you?

8- does order mean less clutter and more bold statement pieces?

9- does your order show the world who you are and has it on display, as you surround yourself with things that bring you joy?

10- or is order just there, in the perfect places like nature, and everyone feels it in your home?

Inspiration in nature can be found here and here.

enjoy discovering your kind of order!