Bring The Beauty Of Spring Inside Your Home!

We are past the middle of February, and although we love the variety that each season brings into our lives-

It isn’t a bad thing that spring is a month away!


So when tulips arrived in our home for Valentine’s Day, it got us thinking -


Bring on the season of spring NOW!!

Bring it into your home!

Go buy a bouquet of tulips or flowers of your loving, and set your home a-bloom-

Here’s some inspiration!


These 4 beautiful images are from Buyer Select.

Below is a quick DIY-

  • gather clear vases you have

  • put rubberbands around them

  • add flowers

  • DONE!


Go to Real Simple for this idea and others!

OR- how about this colorful and fun spring idea below-

  • gather glass vases

  • fill with water colored with food coloring

  • add flowers - love the white!

  • DONE!!


This idea is from Papery & Cakery!

Want to create something a little more permanent than flowers? We found this FREE printable below? It sure has the beauty of spring all over it!


This is from Paper Trail Design. They have made this editable, suggesting the use of PicMonkey. They even provide a free tutorial in how to use it. You can create invitations with this! You can find this here. We are grateful they created and are sharing this. How about you?

We’re going to make cards out of this by folding it in half and Voila! - a card! Just copy and paste it into Word. Adjust the size to your liking and print away!

Monet says it the best-

enjoy the beauty of spring in your very own home today!