5 Simple And Bold Easter Crafts

We know! We know! It doesn’t seem possible that Easter is the next holiday! Since jumpstarts on holidays are always a good thing, we are providing 5 great ideas for you that will decorate your home and get the kids involved in the creating! Oh-and there’s a great idea for sharing love at Easter!

1- salt dough easter egg decorations -

Don’t you love how colorful these are? You can customize them for your color palette and the best part is, you children can be in on the creating!

So get out or buy an egg shape cookie cutter and start this project now so it will be ready for your Easter decorating!


This idea is from Design Mom and Gabrielle shows you how to do it step-by-step here.

2-a paper straw easter egg -

Straws come in every color and pattern! You can find them everywhere in the party section of stores. Look what you can create with them!

Put the kids to work putting together a pattern of straws and then have someone older cut it into an egg shape.


Step-by-step instructions for this great Easter project is at Keeping It Simple and Kaysi shows you how she made it here.

3- Easter egg suncatchers -

Don’t you love having things in your windows that catch the light and radiates such beautiful colors? We have glass vases on a wooden tray right in front of our kitchen window for the simple reason that it makes us smile to see the light shine through them.


How perfect to get that effect with these egg suncatchers that are made with contact paper and colored tissue paper! Another fun project that can get the kids involved in creating something special for your Easter decorating and celebrating!


This project is from Fun 365 and they provide an egg template, a pdf for the instructions if you want that, and step-by-step instructions here.

4- a colorful egg garland cut out of paint chips -

Whenever we walk by the paint chip aisle, it is hard not to love all the colors we see! It justs make us smile to see all the variety of colors we have to enjoy. We almost wish we could have every color somewhere in our home because they are so beautiful!

With this egg garland you can! Grab paint strips in the colors you love and use an egg shaped template to cut eggs out and put the garland up in your home!

Another craft to do with kids! It’s rewarding for them to create and be involved in making decorations for your home! AND - it gets them away from screens of any type!!


We love this craft from Crystal at Hello Creative Family. See how she made it here.

5- carrot easter baskets -

And incase you don’t want to gather orange and green construction paper or cardstock and cut them out yourself, a FREE printable pdf is included to print this without any effort.

Who doesn’t love a surprise and a treat that shows someone is thinking of them? Doesn’t our world need more of that? There is no such thing as too much making others feel special and loved!

This project makes it possible to give to family, neighbors, friends, teachers and whoever you choose, so they know someone is thinking of them!

You gotta love that! Bring that wonderful feeling of thinking of others into your family!


This generous sharing is from Kids Craft Room and all the information you need is here.

For more Easter ideas go here, here, here.

One of the reasons we love considering Easter in February is because part of Easter is about new starts, celebrating life, feeling joy and renewal, and gratitude for the ultimate gift ever given.

Those are great things to fill your life and heart with!

Start now and let those feelings grow within you near the beginning of this year and leading into the middle of this year! What we give out is what we will receive. We hear that over and over again!

We don’t know about you, but we believe we can make a difference in this world one person at a time in a world where so many want to add contention!

Let’s all show we are done with contention by adding the giving, caring and sharing that makes this world a great place to live!

happy preparations!

and preparing your heart to receive and give good things!