5 Easter Helps!

Can it really be March? With how quickly the days are flying by, we thought we would help you with jump starts on Easter. These 5 ideas are so simple that instructions are not really needed. All but one can be done ahead of time! Yea!! Take the pressure off yourself! They are crafts, decor, can be used as games and activities for your Easter celebration, an Easter basket surprise and help get silverware ready ahead of time!

Here we go . . .

1- Make carrots out of bubble wands and ribbon or tulle - easy!!

Does anyone really outgrow bubbles? And it becomes an activity at the same time, when everyone gathers to pop those bubbles!

2- Cover those plastic eggs with yarn and create a colorful decoration!

Use tacky glue or a glue gun - whichever works best for you! Couldn’t be easier!


This craft and decorating idea is from Fiber Artsy & Craftsy. If you need instruction you can find them here.

3- carrot silverware!

We like how this photo shows how to fold the napkin. We saw another method that uses green pipe cleaners instead of curly ribbon to tie it all together for another option. Have fun! Looks pretty cool in the basket, don’t you think?

4- this is such a beautiful easter centerpiece because the white and green are such a bold contrast with orange carrots!

It couldn’t be easier to do and the cost of flowers is minimal! What a fresh Easter look!


The step-by-step instructions to make this flower arrangement is from Lily Ardor. It is made by putting a vase within a vase, leaving enough room to fit the carrots between the 2 vases. With that trick, a lot of flowers aren’t required to fill the large vase.

Another method is to fill the entire vase with carrots (Don’t forget to have some with green tops for the greenery) and put the flower stems throughout the carrots so a second vase is not required!

5- pom pom bunnies! As cute as cute can be!

Who wouldn’t love these bunnies in their Easter basket or as decorations around the home. They would even be fun to have these bunnies popping out from behind a picture frame, vase, or other home decor and turn it into a game to search for them! Find ‘em - keep ‘em - love ‘em!!

That’s a pretty cute Easter collection of inspiration, don’t you think?

We love providing ideas that really don’t require instruction because they are so simple!! We hope these ideas inspire you and spur you on to get started now so you can really enjoy time with family and friends without extra stress!

For more Easter helps go here.

enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!