FREE Printables To Help You Find The Gold Right Where You Are!

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
Marcus Aurelius

What is your personal philosophy for living?

Do you live with intention and build your life exactly as you dream it to be?

Are you reactionary and let every little thing that happens to you affect your day and life and mold you into who you are and how you think?

Isn’t it the greatest realization that you have exactly that power for your life - to live with intention or be reactionary - to decide for your life?

You have the power to believe-

You do NOT want to miss the gold that is there! You want to find it NO MATTER WHAT!!

In this fast paced world with too many voices, sometimes your own voice can get lost!

You forget what you are looking for amid all the things that ask for - often demanding - your attention!

You forget that you are the one who gets to decide! You are the one who knows what matters the most to you and what direction you want to head! No one can know your passions better than you can, even though there are times in each of our lives when we feel like we have forgotten what they are ourselves!

But isn’t a time of rediscovery exciting?

Don’t you love new beginnings?

Isn’t that what our lives should always be about?

We created these free printable Planning Pages so you can be the architect of your life!


You will notice there are no headings - it is all a blank creative page for you to discover and write down what is most important to you!

They are all FREE PRINTABLES that link directly to the pdf for instant printing!! You can print them double-sided, putting the pages together however you desire. It’s all up to you! We are hoping you like it that way!

You can find this page  here .

You can find this page here.

You can find this page  here .

You can find this page here.

You can find this page  here .

You can find this page here.

You can find this page  here  .

You can find this page here .

We created a set in black and white also. You can find those HERE.

Self-discovery can be challenging at times! And we go through different stages of our lives that require evaluation and going in new directions!

This makes life one exciting adventure amid times of questioning and turmoil - WHICH ARE SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STIMULUS FOR GROWTH! Don’t forget that so you are not hard on yourself, but see those feelings of discontent as signs that growth is coming.

Growth is always good and usually comes from struggle!

There are life planning and goal setting programs galore and it is beneficial to research them.

But perhaps, most valuable of all, is creating time to ponder what is most important and vital for your life! Be quiet! Sit still! Listen! It’s amazing how intuitive we are! Something in our heart and gut speaks to us!


Put a label on the boxes or pages of our free printable planning pages.

Maybe one is for -

  • how to live with more intention

  • your relationships

  • your career

  • your monthly goals

  • your weekly goals

  • your to do’s to get those goals accomplished

  • your to do’s that are just a part of daily living

  • your personal development

  • your thoughts for the month or week

  • lessons you have learned in the last month or week

  • things you want to remember

  • changes you want to make in your character

  • changes you want to make in the direction you are going

  • a home project

    You get the idea! It is ALL up to you!

Enjoy your time of discovery!

The clip art to create these pages are from Aim Less Daze.