Give The Gift Of Time For Easter!


Bill Gates was amazed at what Warren Buffet taught him about time and not overscheduling yourself.

It’s true! We live in a society where busy, fully scheduled schedules equals success in the minds of many! How many times do you ask someone how they’re doing and their first words are “I’m so busy!” We would all probably admit we are guilty of that! Pretty sad if you think about it!!

Warren Buffet said -

“People are going to want your time. It’s the only thing you can’t buy. I mean, I can buy anything I want basically, but I can’t buy time….I better be careful with it. There is no way I’ll be able to buy back more time.”

You can watch the 1 and 1/2 minute interview here where they look at Warren Buffet’s hardcopy pocket size calendar for scheduling. We think you’ll be glad you did! It’s kind of a “Eureka” moment of truth!!

SO - in honor of that, we have created free printables for Easter that HONORS SPENDING TIME TOGETHER WITH THOSE YOU LOVE!

That is a very special gift you can give this Easter - time together you can’t buy back!!

And unlike candy that gets eaten up or thrown away or toys that last for a short season but hopefully fill up that basket - GIVE SOMETHING YOU CAN NEVER BUY BACK WITH EACH OTHER - TIME TOGETHER!!

we have created 2 sets of FREE PRINTABLE cards. One has activities printed on them of things to do with those you love. we purposely kept them inexpensive and simple.

the other set is plain so you can write your own activities for spending time together -

or you could print the blank cards on cardstock and use them as Easter basket tags or gift tags throughout the year -


here’s the written set -


You can find the free printables of these 2 pages of printed cards HERE.

here’s the blank set -


You can find the 2 pages of these blank cards HERE. Free printables are for personal use only.

Are you ready for some Easter jokes - cause if you use our printed cards, you need to know at least 3 good ones? We’ve got you covered!

Wouldn’t it be fun to have these placed in plastic eggs in a basket waiting to be opened and tell jokes around the dinner table with stomachs full of delicious food, laughing together (or rolling your eyes!)?

We created these joke cards as a free printable to add to your Easter fun!

You can find the joke cards  HERE  to print - and yes, it goes straight to the pdf!

You can find the joke cards HERE to print - and yes, it goes straight to the pdf!

Page 2 of the Easter jokes are  HERE .

Page 2 of the Easter jokes are HERE.

For most helps with Easter -

5 Easter Helps! 5 Simple and Bold Easter Crafts Easter Treats Are Going To Be Simple This Year! 7 Easiest and Quickest Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Ever! 8 Easter Finds To Help You Simplify And Shine!

Wouldn’t you agree that it is a blessing to be reminded of what matters the most in this fast-paced world we live in. It seems an entire week feels as long as a day use to feel! Do you feel the same way?

We are grateful for the wisdom of others who help put life in the perspective!

We hope these FREE printables and thoughts help you do the same this Easter!!

let’s never forget -

Our favorite go to place for clip art is Aim Less Daze. Yes - it’s Teacher Pay Teacher and requires you to sign up for an account. But signing up is free and there is so much FREE resources there that it will amaze you. We felt it was worth our sign-up to support teachers and for the amazing resources. Give it a try! Whatever you add to your account is yours forever.