Schools Out? Crafts For The Kids!

Schools Out?  Crafts For The Kids!

Do you like to have constructive things for the kids to do when they are out of school?  Those video games and TV can be too alluring without alternative activities!  We have found some Christmas crafts they can do that add Christmas cheer!

What Decorating Style Do You Like?

What Decorating Style Do You Like?


You might ask why I am asking that on an organizational blog.  What does decorating style have to do with organization?

I believe "magic" comes into your life when you love where you live.  You walk in the front door and your heart sings!  One of the most important elements of that is knowing what style YOU LOVE!!  

Free Printable - Special Dates Calendar

I came across this while I was looking for something that might be useful to share with you.  It is from a blog called Anderson + Grant.  

She made a calendar that lists the holidays in each month, with a line by each day to write down those birthdays and dates that you want to remember to make others in your life feel special. THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!!  It's wonderful to know we have the power to make others feel cherished and valued. We can even do things when it's not their birthday -for no reason at all- except to celebrate their lives!!