Create Happiness

Create Happiness

A personal state of happiness is worth pondering for 2019! How would you define happiness? Is it simply the state of being happy? Perhaps happiness has as many different definitions as there are people? We each need to take the time to ponder and evaluate what happiness is to us.

CHOOSE HAPPINESS!! a.k.a. A Meaningful Life

CHOOSE HAPPINESS!!                                                                                            a.k.a. A Meaningful Life

I found a list of things happy people do.  After reading the thoughts of Viktor Frankl, perhaps the title should be changed to 12 Things to do for a Meaningful Life!!  

We are given the gift of our lives.  We all live 24 hours in each day.  We choose how to spend those 24 hours and we choose our attitudes in life.  I love being inspired by Viktor Frankl who lived through extremely horrendous tragedies day in and day out and yet urges us to live by our higher selves.  I am grateful to these noble souls who point us forward and upward!!