Time For Words Of Wisdom!

Do you believe you are a creature of circumstances?

Or a person of your making?

Do you believe you are the product of what happens around you and to you?

Or is the decision of who you are completely up to you?

These have always and will always be vital questions to ask ourselves!!

many people have provided us with powerful thoughts to consider-

One of those is Dale Carnegie -

Below are some of his thoughts on this subject -

What do you feel as you read those quotes?

Do you feel frustrated? Uncertain?

Empowered? Enlightened?

Do you feel a surge of strength because they ring true?

Does it excite you to know you have the power to shape your beliefs and life? You! No one else!!

The powerful book, “How To Win Friends And Influence People” (We gain nothing from a purchase.) was first published in 1936 - 73 years ago! It has had a powerful influence on people since then.

Have you read it?

The infographic below gives you the principles in this book.


This valuable infographic is from lliyana’s Blog. It provides a great reminder for the principles in this classic book that have been a standard for generations. You can find it on this blogpost.

Left click on the infographic in her post and it opens it to a new window. Left click the 3 dots on the right hand corner of your screen and left click on print. You now have your own copy! Pretty great!

Is there anyone else you would want to give power to for your life than yourself?

Do you want to be the determining factor for your success?

Yes! The answer has to be YES!!!!

When the answer is yes!!!, your life is up to your imagination, hard work, actions steps and your determination to do what it takes!

That is something no one or any circumstance can take from you!

And so we thank Dale Carnegie for powerful words of wisdom that are timeless!

We hope these thoughts help YOU build the life of your dreams

instead of leaving it to circumstances or people out of your control!

Because - thank heavens - your life is your work!!

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Remember . . .